Tips remodelar kitchen remodeling 

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To make a perfect remodelar kitchen remodeling is very important good planning, whether carried out by specialists or in homemade form. It should be noted how many people are at home, what building space can be assigned to the kitchen and what role will have.

Often the kitchen solve the lack of space and so people when they are performing tasks not feel alone. For the kitchen is important to specify the different areas. The kitchen tends to get dirty with vapors, moisture, heat; therefore it requires waterproof paints easy to clean and durable.

remodelar kitchen remodeling ideas_72

Often remodeling a kitchen can be a costly and time-consuming.
The spacious kitchen should be a place that is why we design it thinking about what kind of decoration we want to facilitate use.

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Tips remodelar kitchen remodeling

First we choose what kind of style, imagining from the furniture or even the types of decorations that we can put in all the shelves.
At the same time we also see that combine with the rest of our house, to make it consistent if we pass from one environment to another.
Among the different styles we have from modern kitchens, Traditional Country, rustic and French.

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Also we choose along with the style appliances that match the style we chose.
We must not forget to place energy saving devices, many homes today try to make green homes to make them more efficient and beneficial to the environment.
Choosing energy-saving appliances to improve the electricity bill. We must choose appliances with the Energy Star label to improve electrical efficiency.
We will create what is called the triangle of the kitchen.

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The device design is the arrangement between the oven, refrigerator and sink.
So when we prepare food we can move easily, quickly between these three points.
kitchen remodelacionOtra attention we evaluate is how the family behaves, breakfast in the kitchen if we install a good breakfast bar where they can be all comfortable.
Or it may be for a lunch or dinner at the end of the day the family where food comes from the stove to the table reunited.

kitchen remodeling ideas white cabinets,_72