Tips cheap and easy for remodeled kitchen ideas without works

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Custom kitchen remodeling, when spring comes and the light flooded our house we all come forward to renew it, but of course, as things ever seems to us the task more difficult. However, partly due to the evolution of products and partly to the rise of DIY, if we look closely we see that there really are many things we can still do to give a new look to our home for little money.

To help you, today, in our Special Savings thoroughly, we will look in detail 11 cheap and easy for updating remodeled kitchen ideas without works, from furniture to accessories. Future articles will discuss also the bathroom and terrace. Do you I acompañáis in the path?

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You hear of moving furniture and a chill invades us. But still, it is not necessary to tear down the kitchen, the Spanish furniture have standard measures (eye, new Ikea no) so simply changing the doors visually have a new kitchen. Yes, sometimes, depending on the age, you also need to change the hinges.

Replace only some doors

Not even necessary to change all now the trend is that the lower furniture is different to the upper color, so we saved half if we seek the right combination, for example white and wood, red and white or green and mustard. We can also change only one of the largest leading furniture and replace glass doors.

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Change shooters

It seems incredible how a small change like shooters can help both the aesthetics of the kitchen, try it and see. At any hardware or home improvement store you econtraréis a handful of models to choose from.

A new countertop

Remove the old countertop and install a new one is not as complicated as it seems. In fact the former can serve as a pattern for cutting, if we dare to do it ourselves. Remember also that in supermarkets, such as Leroy Merlin, you can buy the material and ask the court to make it to perfection.

Paint the door

Can I paint the doors of the furniture? Obviously it does not involve any difficulty, just a little patience for cleaning, priming, sanding and finally glazing in the desired color.

If you have antediluvian floor tiles or feel sorry do not be agobiéis, everything is easily solved if you are a little handyman.

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Painting tiles

You do not need sanding, apply primer or anything. Now you paint directly on the color chosen and ready. In the websites of major brands such as Titanlux, you have instructions and videos of how to do if you are in doubt.

A front firing

Add a front firing on the area of ??fire or water, for example stainless steel or other materials in contrast, is a small very gratifying change. You have certainly seen Ikea, which are simply placed with an adhesive.

On ground floor

The vinyl stickers are the invention of the century. Apparent, durable, high quality and simple to position allow us to transform our kitchen floor in a few hours, without any work. Again the advice of our supplier or DIY center will be our best support. In Leroy Merlin, for example, have a very useful guide.

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Depending on the age of our appliances we will consider changing them or give them a new look, with spray paint, wrapped steel adhesive sheets type airon-fix or update it with a vinyl as we find in many different models, for example this very colorful Plage you see in the picture above.

Color, light and details

Alone or in combination small details are always very important. Paint the ceiling a different color, highlight a wall with chalkboard paint, replace old fluorescent recessed luminaires for, add a shopping-center island, kitchen accessories change or remove the old curtain curtain will be changing it for small expenses that we They provide a great overall change.

In any case the important thing is to find the most suitable combination to your tastes, needs and possibilities. I hope these 15 cheap and easy to update your kitchen ideas will have inspired. And if you want to see examples of what others did I advise keeping an eye on the work published soon.

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