kitchen remodel ideas lowes

Lowes kitchen remodel ideas

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, you should know some basic things about the project remodel ideas kitchen lowes. Remodeling not only involves repainting or design with different styles, but sometimes it can even mean changing the entire structure of the room. In the following article we will cover the things you need to consider when planning your kitchen remodeling.


The most important thing you will need to consider is how you will use the kitchen. This includes the features you need to have. This will also help you calculate a budget. Because the investment is important, you need to plan everything and think about all the options and features you need.

Things to consider

think about the traffic in your kitchen and how often you can use
what additional space is needed for cooking counter intense?
Do you like serving food in the kitchen? Do you like having guests over?
What else is used for cooking, besides cooking?
Does your kitchen need special features for people with disabilities?


Some of the features that can be included in a kitchen are kitchen islands, pantry, laundry – a stainless steel or enameled cast iron, microwave, gas oven, electric oven, storage, etc.

You spend most of the structural changes in order to get the opinion of a professional. Also note the complexity of the job. For example, maybe you want to demolish a bearing wall. This is a complex job and should only be handled by a professional. A load-bearing wall support structure of your home. Also think about plumbing, heating and electrical wiring ducts, if you want to make structural changes.



Now you have to think about the styles that you will use. Want a more modern or traditional? Consider how the style is mixed at home. Also think about the colors and how they match the rest of your home and appliances.

Work centers Kitchen

There are four main areas in the kitchen, each serving a different purpose. These are: center cleaning, cooking, storage and mixing / preparation center.

The center is cleaning the area around the sink. This is where the battery all the dishes and pans.

The center of the kitchen is the space containing the furnace and the party against nearby.

The storage center is where the fridge is and also contains the cabinets where food is stored.

The training center is where you keep all your pots, bowls, dishes and utensils.

If you want room to work, then you should consider having at least 42 cm from the front edge of the counter to the kitchen island or table; 20 “dishwasher door to the nearest cabinet; 26 “from his area traffic area, 36 work” unless your table eating to the nearest obstruction.


Work Triangle

Almost every kitchen remodeled designer kitchen is based on a concept called the work triangle. This concept joins the refrigerator to the kitchen and fregadero.Puede, of course, the design of the kitchen as you think works best for you, but the work triangle is proven to be the most efficient.


First you have to think whether to buy standard or custom furniture. Standard measures of base cabinets are 34 “high and 24″ deep. wall cabinets have the same standard height of 12 “, 15″, 18 “, 30″ and “36. The height really depends on the ceiling height. You need to install wall cabinets 18 “above the countertop.