kitchen plans for small kitchens

Kitchen remodeling ideas for small kitchens 

When you plan kitchen remodeling ideas for small kitchens, the main emphasis should be on the use of available surface and thus create or release more space to allow convenient storage, easy installation of kitchen appliances needed and to facilitate movement. You should be able to perform all cooking tasks without any hindrance.

Develop a plan for kitchen design
To start with, decide what type of cuisine you want, modern or traditional, L-shaped or U-shaped galley or two-way galley. Once you have formed an idea of ??what you want, draw a plan of your kitchen design and plan the space you need and the storage area. Think about where you want the cabinets and how you will use them.


Decide where you want the sink, work against and refrigerator. Note that you want to put the service points for water, gas and electricity. Peeking into the kitchen today when planning the new design and think about how things can be arranged otherwise. You can also use software kitchen design to assist in planning and drag and drop items into exactly what you want.

Creating more space in your kitchen: If possible, can be taken by a wall and create an open kitchen that extends into the living area. You can put in a kitchen island to separate the two sides. Instead of a fixed island, you can get one that can be rolled as needed. Islands come in different varieties and shapes, so as fits your overall design, can obtain a rectangular island oval, square, round or. If the island doubles as a storage space or an accountant working so much better.


Install cabinets and drawers that go to the ceiling, so you can store away your cookware, cutlery, plates, condiments, vegetables and other things. Put the rarer items in the upper cabinets and frequently used items on the bottom. If all that does not fit in, you can add hooks to the cabinet doors for hanging pots and pans. You may also want to check out all the things you own and get rid of things you do not really need. Either way, try to keep clutter to a minimum.

Instead of a large dining table, go to a small corner table or a coffee table. Or you can leave out the tables of his regime and implement an integrated countertop or wall build a food preparation table, counter height double as a dining area.
Become smaller and compact kitchen appliances. Install a large sink, so it is easier to wash.
Giving an impression of space in your kitchen :; Besides optimal space planning, you can create a spacious feel in your kitchen by the judicious use of color and light.

Using a wooden pale color of your cabinets or painting in pastel tones, for example, create a more light appearance in the kitchen. You can help this effect even more by installing cabinet doors with glass instead of solid.


When painting, papering the walls or floor tile kitchen, go back to the light, pastel colors, with perhaps patches of bright colors. The general rule is to use three primary colors and their shades and nuances, but this is not a railway convention. Go to small and delicate patterns on bold. And use small tiles rather than large or extra large. Diagonal installed tiles can also help create the illusion of space.

If your kitchen has good ventilation and allows plenty of natural light, which will be another. Consider installing a skylight, if this is possible and if you have smaller windows.

Before installing the artificial lighting in your kitchen, review your plan kitchen and identify key areas that need sufficient lighting. You may have a central light for all kitchen and spot lighting in the areas of cooking and washing. Install lights in cabinets and storage areas under the counter, so you can look inside easily. Make sure the kitchen lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Good lighting, well planned kitchen is a pleasure to live.