how to remodel your mobile home to look like a house

How to remodel your house to look like a mobile home


Kitchen and Bath

The kitchen and bath areas provide excellent starting point for changing the look of your mobile home. Simple cosmetic changes like changing the hardware, faucets and lighting fixtures can work wonders. But the most detailed updates as removing the old countertops and granite installation materials really make a difference. Also consider replacing cabinet doors for more traditional doors or considering painting cabinets to give them a facelift.



There are several things you can do to make a mobile home is more like a traditional house from the outside. Probably the biggest impact is in gardening. By planting a few shrubs around the perimeter of the house and creating a garden area in front of one or both sides of the door, the illusion of a standard house is created. Plant a tree or two and put some grass to add even more of a home feeling. If you are able to create a gateway through your lawn or garden with cement or steps that do not lead from the front door to the sidewalk or parking area.