average price of kitchen cabinets

How much did lowes kitchen remodeling costs

The sofa, fireplace and TV all may be in the family room, but most meetings somehow end up in the kitchen. So having a space to work and live comfortably can be worth the investment for you, provided you know in advance what will that investment. The average cost kitchen remodel lowes vary widely, depending on the level of renovation and the location of the house.


Ascertain the wishes and needs
Before you even begin to estimate the renovation costs and you have to decide exactly how much work you’re going to make. Remodeling a kitchen can involve electrical work, plumbing and major construction, so the sky could be the limit if you do not set limits immediately. If you plan to stay in your home indefinitely, increased investment may be worth. But if you are renovating to sell, you should probably continue with cosmetic changes such as flooring, appliances and cabinet refacing.

Determines the implication

If you are planning a “minor” renewal, you may be able to save even more money by doing some of the work yourself. Painting, refinishing furniture, replacing countertops and possibly replace the soil are jobs that even you can make yourself in a weekend. If you have the time to complete the work on your own, then your only cost is for materials. But a renovation that involves remodeling the floor plan or move plumbing or electrical wiring, should be handled by professionals and there will have a dramatic effect on your balance.


Consider costs
The average cost of cosmetic improvements to upgrade a kitchen (cabinet refacing and new countertops, flooring and appliances) was just over $ 15,000 in 2008. When the project becomes more complicated (reprocessing plant or completely replace the cabinets) costs generally range from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 or more.

Other factors
Other factors also affect the cost of renovating your kitchen. One of over which you have no control, the most important factors and one , is the location of your home. Certain area of the country tend to be more expensive for services and products or remodeling is no exception. But if you live in a large metropolitan area, you can expect to pay between 10-20 percent more than someone living in a more rural area. And some parts of the United States (especially the west coast and east coast) pay a significant amount more than others (especially the Midwest).

Renew a kitchen for purposes of resale value should be a decision made with caution. If you do not plan to stay in your home long term, is unlikely to recover much of this cost on resale, unless you keep your small investment. On average, renovated kitchens added between $ 13,000 and $ 15,000 a selling price of a house in 2008. But if you’re renovating a house that will be yours for a while, truly make the kitchen the heart of your home could be worth worth every penny.