Ideas for small kitchen remodel with pictures 

kitchen design ideas for small kitchens island_101

Decorative and functional posts appear both kitchen remodeling in the construction of new houses as the oldest. The architect poles used as decorative elements that give the kitchen a more modern feel. Depending on the design of your house, posts may have a functional purpose as load bearing. Use ideas for small kitchen remodel that give poles kitchen a new look without taking them out of the room.

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Covers tiled posts

Make the kitchen look larger and brighter, mirrored glass tiles. Glass tiles reflect natural and artificial light, and when the light bounces off the walls, makes the room appear larger. For a different take on the idea, using ceramic tiles in shades that complement and match the decor of your small kitchen remodel and mixed with some mirrored glass tiles. Choose light colored tiles, because dark tiles have a tendency to look heavy. Use small tiles such as one inch (2.54 cm) square, and glue directly to studs with grout.

kitchen design ideas for small kitchens island_101

Uses a decoupage

Convert your posts cuisine in an area that highlights your family and favorites. Make copies of family photographs, awards, tickets and other documents that remind you of past experiences and family vacations. Cover the posts with decoupage glue and press the pieces of paper on it. Overlaps the edges of each piece, giving an effect of collage style. Using a glue layer on top decoupage, thereby preventing peeling off parts of the posts.

kitchen design ideas for small kitchens on a budget_101

Dramatic look

Give your small kitchen remodeling a dramatic appearance by painting the poles of a contrasting color to the walls. For example, paint the walls a pale shade of cream or white eggshell and poles dark navy or green. If your walls and have a darker color, then opt for a lighter color in the kitchen poles. The new color comes back and makes the poles a focal point of the room and highlights the architectural elements.

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Family Center

If your family spends time together in the kitchen, then converts the poles in a family center. Pinta each post with whiteboard paint. The paint will make the poles on a blackboard, but the finish is also magnetic. Hang some magnets on the poles and uses a magnetic chalk holder. Leave notes for family or your spouse on posts and leave handwritten notes with magnets. Write recipes and even playing tic-tac-ti on poles blackboard.

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