How to remodeling ideas for small kitchen upstairs to stay

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A custom kitchen remodel on the top floor of a stay is usually small and L-shaped, as it has an entrance foyer. This hall with stairs leading to the main floor which generally takes up most of the floor space. You will enter a high floor of the room and make a few steps you will see a studio apartment with living room and kitchen. Focus on building a slightly larger or use the basic design of a reduced size kitchen instead  and the following is identical poses challenges for any  remodeling ideas for small kitchen  that is close to a living room.

design ideas for small galley kitchen_104


1. Measure the kitchen you currently have and use graph paper with those dimensions to draw a map of this floor. Also draws every detail facade graph paper. Use these steps to decide on changing appliances and other accessories. Observe possible options to see if you should use the reduced-size design for remodeling existing. If you agree, add a few square meters of space in some adjoining room or hallway.

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2. Design wall first laundry. Start with the battery to plan the three basic kitchen items, which are the laundry, oven and refrigerator. These three components placed close to each other. Plans to add a deep stack with a high curved faucet to wash large pots. Make cabinets on the left and right of it to keep the dishes coming out of the dishwasher. Build a wall to the kitchen curtain in the living room if you are in a studio.

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3. Make cabinets from floor to ceiling in one of the walls. Save space in any kitchen especially those that are made in the shape of L, using every square inch of wall to wall cupboards. Install a cellar cabinet with double doors and sliding shelves for canned and dry goods. Plan this wall for proper wardrobe look style living room in case it is an environment monkey manner.

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4. Use light colors to make the kitchen appear larger. Purchase these colors for cabinets, appliances and accessories. Use white, beige, stainless steel and other light colors for the surfaces to make the design of a typical small kitchen upstairs to a room seem larger. Install the white cabinets or painting the cabinets you already had white. Place ceramic floor tiles pale gold or use the wooden floor light oak color. Use stainless steel appliances.

5. Plans remodeling stages. Start with the roof level. Paint the ceiling space and adds lighting. Paint the walls and adding new cabinets in the next platform. Install the sink and appliances after all. Arrange everything in place before finally placing the floor to avoid scratching during remodeling.

remodeling ideas for small kitchen_104