How to plan my kitchen remodeling ideas on small budget


Kitchen remodel ideas budget, ‎Remodeling an existing kitchen is not for the faint of heart. It’s cabinets, appliances and electrical work and plumbing. If you plan on moving walls, windows or doors, the work will be even more complex. Building codes may have changed since the kitchen was built, and when reformes will have to meet current codes. Consider the plan thoroughly before you start is essential for project success. And below are tips how to plan my kitchen remodeling ideas on small budget.



1. Measure the dimensions of your kitchen, and draw it to scale on graph paper. Shows the location of doors, windows, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, cabinets and appliances.

2. Place a new sheet of graph paper on this drawing, marking only the existing walls, doors and windows. Indicates changes in this sheet you want to do. Use the original drawing as a reference to identify where things stand now.

3. Determines if you need more space. You can gain additional space by adding part of an adjoining room or closet or building to increase the size of the room. Consultation building codes and requirements demolition (not to mention your budget) to see which of these options is possible.

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4. Decides if the devices have to be replaced or moved. Put a new appliance in the same place as the former is simple, unless the new one is of a different size. Measure the space carefully before buying new units. Also make sure the electrical and plumbing connections are compatible with new appliances, otherwise, these systems will need to be updated.

5. Consider the “work triangle” where the refrigerator, stove and sink are within convenient reach of using each other. Any change is possible, but each side of the triangle must be between four and seven feet (1.22 and 2.13 meters) so that working conditions are ideal. Measures distances and make adjustments if they are too close or too far away.

6. Design thinking about the equipment and ingredients store near where it will be used. Cake pans and bowls must be in the same area as flour and sugar, and not too far from the oven. Dishes and cutlery must be near the dishwasher or table.

7. Walk through your new design imagining and realizing your typical activities in the kitchen. Make sure you have included a space for cookbooks, meal planning, food for your pet, to store recyclables or any other activity you want to do in your kitchen. Make adjustments as necessary.

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