How much should a full kitchen remodel cost

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How much should a full kitchen remodel cost? It is the first question we ask when we’re tired of looking again and again, our old kitchen. Those old fashioned tiles, ceramic floor worn, Formica furniture, or wood that give the feeling of old-wave environment.

We decorating magazines, web pages, images everywhere modern, simple, designed kitchens, and then we decided to change.
We know that we have to deal with masons, dust, noise, organize our work schedule, and see how much of our savings we can allocate for reform, but above all, we need to get an idea of ??the cost of all materials.

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Perhaps this guide only, not last long, as inflation progresses, but do not think much looking can get good prices and suppliers that maintain the quality and cost when it comes to standard products, so we adjust our initial budget would.
First I show my kitchen, with a standard measure of department.

It seems that invested a lot in it, but really, just about optimizing resources and try to put the personal touch that makes it unique from basic and neutral elements.

In my case, I’m bored kitchens “operating room” as I call those having a uniform color, white and cold, but very practical when it comes to clean and maintain order. I also bored of fads, and therefore I believe that there should invest in fashion materials (porcellanatos with exotic or modern designs, tiles or furniture colors), which marked an era, or bored after a while, because then we will have to bear to see him every day, or face another costly reform. So my advice is to bet on neutral colors and simple lines, in those materials that must endure through the years such as floors, furniture and countertops.

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And our expert on these matters, Normabaires, told us with great tact, the less tiles, better, just on the counter and necessary, and paint the rest, betting decorative items such as sheets, colorful aprons, photographs, walls blackboard, a wall clock design. We can also give personal character to the kitchen, furniture accessory, maybe a table support as protagonist, played a color, or chairs that create the atmosphere you want.

I pass some numbers that can serve as starting to put together a first budget, with data on the Internet. Then we can modify it according to personal taste, and watching live material, for Alberdi Avenue, maxi building and see how much it hurts in the pocket some whim or choice is not significant.

What is important if we want to keep a low budget, is to follow the plan or project and not deviate too much from the original idea. For example we know that a ceramic grinding is impeccable on a wall, but we must ask whether it is worth the amount of m2 invest so much just for that detail, and instead, make a smart choice in any accessory design, eg a guard, tocetos, photograph or film that stands out.

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Countertops and appliances:

Single handle kitchen $ 105
Mara gray granite countertop 140 x 60 with base and sink $ 620
The simple sink is more practical than double when we have not much space, especially for washing baking sheets.
Mesada 120 x 60 with base $ 350

The gray mara, orcollano, and others remain at a reasonable price if we focus on purer colors, is much more expensive. Among blacks Black B or Brazil, and ubaturba green, are the most economical. Particularly I chose to spend a little more on the counter because I had not many yards to cover, and it jugase that.


As I anticipated, it is better to bet on simple lines and neutral colors for a modern kitchen. The aluminum edges are guarantee of durability at the edges. The price difference is huge between these furniture, and any other model. I do not like the wenge furniture in these imitations, oak or other wood grain, because it is something that is fashionable, and continues to be an imitation, a copy of the good (the original wood or veneer). If melamine, that is, if wood luck !!
Cupboard 1.20: $ 600
Under table 1.40: $ 850 (approx)
Under table 1.20: $ 720

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Flat porcelain black 60 x 60 $ 80 m2: $ 800
Sockets: $ 300 (approximately). To save, if the underwriter is given skill, you can cut porcelain sockets 60 x 60, with special disc, but should be very neat, better consult him before buying sockets.
Tile countertops: $ 24 per m2: $ 180
The cheapest is not always the ugliest. The bright white tile is a classic, never go out of style and well placed we can play with colors, and give a unique, sandwiching eg tocetos of fused glass.
Tocetos in vitrofusión $ 7 c / u: $ 35

A good way to raise a monochromatic kitchen is interspersed tocetos between white tiles arranged in diamond, or some vitrofusión guard or a fine pencil. The toceto of glass fusing is the touch of design excellence, unique and affordable. We can serve as a focal point if we choose colors played, interspersed white tiles and if the handle by combining two or three different tones, gives us the possibility to choose one of them for painting, even then repainted in another of tones and and not get bored.
Aluminium windows with glazing: $ 300 (
If they come to pull everything down in the kitchen, do not hesitate to change the old iron window shabby. No bulging budget at all.
Painting: $ 300
Total materials $ 5,000

Bermuda Triangle (20%) This item is not named by accident, estimate airline that vanish on thick materials, pipes, caps light, cables, and even bills to invite boys to take the tea (after this attention until you going to water the plants and clean the bathroom before going).

It is worth taking a look at the kitchen Vivi, who reformed with a similar style of furniture, also changing the openings by a white aluminum and black granite countertops and can keep your beautiful floor.

Where to buy

If revenues are constant, nothing better than going to credit either bank cards or shops Bouquet (easy for example), those products that are on offer. For example floors, tiles, taps.
In kitchen, ideally find a line that offers standard modules, but sometimes we have to adjust to the kitchen we have, and if so we need to be tailored, and the best prices are in free market, or business district, unfortunately cash or no more than three installments.

The melamine with aluminum edge, are the star today, because they are inexpensive, lightweight and durable. We can choose other furniture, hot melt, lacquered, solid wood turnings, etc, but spend twice, and did not think it worthwhile, because melamine is a very durable material. Except we do not like the aluminum edges, then yes, think about doubling the budget for good furniture.

The granite should buy cash directly in Marble, because maxi construction delay too much the delivery, so we delayed the work, and thereby increase the budget.
Remember that the more delayed the work, the more we spend on delivery, and mental health.

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So much easier, because finding materials, choose combinations, it does not compare to find the builder, architect, or builder to make us a good job, handle various guilds, know coordinate the different stages of the work to optimize time and understand that if we are trying to adjust the budget to our pocket, with its fees not pass. Because if we flush with cash, we would not be at this blog, nor would walk with little list of comparative prices in your pocket every time we went out.

I estimated labor, as I spent on materials. It is a good parameter to consider.
Better to spend a little more on someone to bring all their roster of specialists, who have to contend ourselves with the different gramios. The latter can be disastrous, especially in the periods and because if something does not work as agreed, serves to endilgarse mutually errors.

For this kitchen is an average kitchen within the work should not take more than three weeks, including the painting.
I hope you have served this basic guide (no one knows what can and should spend) to reform a kitchen of a middle-class apartment.

And remember not to lose patience and keep the humor, the important thing is the good treatment towards people who work for us, because we have to live in a similar environment to a battlefield that the home to which we are accustomed to enjoy.