Average cost kitchen remodel  lowes

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What is the average cost kitchen remodel lowes? kitchen is one of the most frequently works are addressed within the family home. And either because they look enlarge, modernize and integrate it into other areas, there are some basic considerations to be taken into account when addressing this project. To begin, it is essential to know the age of the structure and facilities to obtain as accurate as possible budget. This is particularly relevant in the homes of some antiquity, as the pipe is usually of lead, and advisable in such cases is shifting towards a PVC.

cost of kitchen remodel per square foot_50

In order to put together a average cost kitchen remodel, let’s consider a typical kitchen of 15 m2. For starters, the preliminary tasks include clearing and demolition furniture coatings and flooring. We must contemplate building a banquina 10 inches high where new furniture will be placed. Provision should also be rebuilding the folder, the plaster and ceramic. For flooring, ceramic floor is considered a 30 x 30 cm, and for walls, ceramic tiles 20 x 20. (Preliminary work and masonry: $ 8,000).

kitchen renovation cost per square foot_50

To the cold pipe and the primary and secondary drainage PVC is used, whereas for the hot water pipes of brass is used. These materials are cheaper and more efficient than lead. A plumbing type also includes a wash basin in the laundry room as well as the laying of the sewer. While it is an expense, depending on the age and condition of the property, is not more review and, if necessary, repair or replace the master pipe as it can cause structural damage.

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It also provides improved electrical installation, with the addition of currents to the microwave and other artifacts making, as well as a review board outline (Sanitary facility: $ 5,900, including installation Electrical installation artifacts. $ 1,500 ).

The pools vary in price and effectiveness of their location. A corner is more expensive than common, and in turn, double also have a price difference with respect to a simple. A double is recommended for greater comfort. They can come in two finishes: glossy or matte, and also bring a detergent dispenser and a template for backgrounder (between $ 500 and $ 1,500).

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When deciding what type of faucet for the sink, it is best to place it inside the table, since the other option is to embed it in the wall, but this can cause difficulties to fix a potential rupture.
Fittings for classic two holes are needed, while mixing (monocomando) require only one. The set of two keys is quite overshadowed by monocomando option, depending on its quality, can range between $ 390 and $ 2,480, depending on the quality and design.

You can also add innovations like quills with extensions that allow water to bring the farthest points of the sink and more easily used to clean pots and food, in addition to improving the output pressure of water ($ 2,000). At the end cost must be added 10% of the budget (insurance of employees and incidentals) plus 15% more fees intended responsible for carrying out the work.

average cost kitchen remodel lowes_50