10 Simple kitchen remodel ideas

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Do you find your kitchen stuck in the past? Does it seem like drudgery of remodeling to update needed? Maybe not! An update lightly here and there return your kitchen with this quickly. Here are 10 simple kitchen remodel ideas that you need to consider.

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Update your cabinets

There are several ways to make improvements to your kitchen even if you have a very limited budget for renovations and upgrades. Add the finishing touches to your cabinets with distinctive decorative accessories and lights under cover, all of which adds atmosphere to the room. It also has the option to refinish your existing cabinets. You can combine shades. Current trends in finishes lean towards darker in cherry wood and maple finishes and varnishes.

New roofs or extension counter space

One of the priorities of the consumer to update their kitchens is often choose more expensive cover material such as granite. Granite offers the advantage of requiring minimal maintenance and retains its good looks for years and years. It is the most durable and less porous of all stones and gives an appearance of luxury to the kitchen. Given that can be expensive to remodel all covered with granite, experts report that is being popularized the idea of ??combining materials. Consider installing a kitchen island granite to increase the area covered and to serve as a focal point, or give a finish to your existing granite island.

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Update faucets is a simple improvement in the kitchen that adds a sense of style. With so many choices in finishes, beautiful decorative fittings can be the focal point in the kitchen. The new designs incorporate functionality and elegance. Consider the novel Lindley ™ Moen faucets: offers a classic and traditional look with its peak of high arch, and reduced flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, which carries a 32 percent savings in water consumption. For sale at The Home Depot, the Lindley faucet will give your kitchen an extra dose of style and sustainability.

New appliances

Bastan one or two new appliances to update the look of your kitchen. Stainless steel is the rage when it comes to appearance in kitchen appliances. Stainless steel offers a neutral, shiny, with a commercial touch image; is in the range of prices for remodelers who need to be subject to a budget. But if you are not convinced by the stylish stainless steel manufacturers are bringing new physiognomies that inject color to the kitchen as the glowing yellow (sunburst yellow), bright red (candy apple red), cake (robin’s egg blue) blue and green mint (mint green). Those who hesitate to use bold colors on large appliances, could add a splash of color in one of the many small appliances hand with these bright colors.

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Nothing rejoices over a kitchen like new lighting. Consider using low voltage pendant lighting, miniature, for a kitchen island. A way to accent lighting try a hanging lamp over the kitchen table, with dimmer for environment setting for special occasions. It has light fixtures in many different styles tailored to their tastes and decor, and can find wide range of prices in centers of home improvement, hardware stores and showrooms.

Covering the walls

Many homeowners today affirm their personality cobalt blue, orange, red and green in the kitchen. These colors open space on the walls of the kitchen with its innovative designs faux finish techniques including foam stencil and stencil to customize the output. White has been relegated, in many cases, to a smaller accent or decorative element as a secondary role. You can further customize your kitchen with decorative elements on the edges, with carpets and tiles. Use hand painted as secondary decorative elements or as protective wall and ceramic tiles, porcelain or stone quarry in the main areas of the counter top to create a distinctive and highly customized look tiles.

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Another popular choice for flooring is ceramic tile. Today tiles imitating natural stone but with the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to install. At your disposal in the whole range of the rainbow, the tile is an excellent way to update your kitchen. Design experts report that worldwide by neutral colors and European styles in ceramic tiles is tilted.

So bring the kitchen to the 21 century. Although no case of a total refurbishment this time, a couple of improvements outlined it may provide you and your family a feeling of having new kitchen

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